ramp - advancing the industry and those who work in it

key principles



To advance the aquatic and recreation industry and those who work in it.

Our approach

Program One – Leadership Excellence

Program Two – Enhanced and tactical leadership (on completion of program 1)

Key principles

Immersive learning through collaborative learning with cases and issues drawn from the aquatic and recreation industry

Re-enforcing the basics, understanding and creating strengths across the fundamentals of management. 

Interactive work groups, delivered by our national and international presenters, who are grounded in industry experience and applied academic careers to increase your awareness and effectiveness. 

Facility case studies provide practical, real examples in recreation and leisure that translate management theory into applicable skills. 

Peer-learning groups in the residential setting that facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration and feedback to create an environment with a powerful and personal experience that drives results. 

Pragmatic learning deepens your insights into leadership, strategy and change, providing practical opportunities to reinforce new learning.

Individual Feedback increases self-awareness and strengthens your capacity as a manager and leader. 

Reflection allows time to place your learnings in a broader context to identify issues and establish the way forward.


Leadership Excellence

Students will be able to:

1. Analyse strategic decision-making based on performance measures such as financial, program / service delivery, marketing and human resource data.

2. Assess strategic business plans to deliver recreation and aquatic programs at a recreation and aquatic centre.

3. Interpret relevant management data to guide multiple decisions about recreation and aquatic centre programs and services. 

4. Implement advanced techniques for recreation and aquatic centres to better manage their strategic planning and management. 

5. Evaluate recreation and aquatic centre management issues that impact on centres’ capacity to undertake strategic planning and apply advanced management principles.

Enhanced & Tactical Leadership

Students will be able to:

1. Critically review strategic planning, management, administration, service delivery and performance evaluation theoretical frameworks and apply their knowledge within the management of recreation and aquatic centres. 

2. Contextualise theoretical and technical knowledge from management disciplines to guide the effective management of recreation and aquatic centre programs and events. 

3. Analyse performance data to creatively solve recreation and aquatic centre problems related to their programs, events and infrastructure.

4. Interpret advanced management knowledge and skills to inform decisions to deliver inclusive, sustainable and culturally relevant programs and events in recreation and aquatic centres.