If the only thing you get out of attending ramp is

  • A new set of skills and knowledge or
  • Networking with industry leaders or
  • Creating a new network of friends and colleagues or
  • Learning  best practice in centre management or 
  • Challenging yourself to achieve 

then RAMP is worth it.  The good news is that you will get all this and more!

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ramp covers a range of relevant topics including global best practice.  

Some topics are listed below.  (Subjects vary over the two years.)

Working with People


Being a leader means getting the best outcomes from your people.  Do you have the right attitude, processes and support to see your people thrive?



Learn the latest marketing strategies to meet organisational objectives by increasing sales and retention.

Customer Experience


Find out why customer experience is a key driver of success for your facility.  How to improve delivery, consistency and results.

Digital Literacy


Understanding and promoting technology to optimise customer experience and process or operational outcomes.



Oral, written and interpersonal skills used to inform, motivate and effect change.  Consultation and engagement in and out of the organisation.

Building Business Acumen


Understanding financial reports for informed decision making, risk management in practice, legal in practice, understanding the industry ecosystem and local markets, analyzing and using data.

Strategy and Leadership


Aligning your leadership with organisational strategy, how to think, act and influence strategically.  Understanding culture on strategic leadership.

Driving Strategic Results


Achievement of excellence and strategic outcomes.  Evaluate progress by reviewing data, analysing results and making informed decisions.

Facility Management


The environment, managing capital works, facility life-cycle and using project management skills.

“Victoria  University is delighted to be collaborating with ARV and Bon Education to  support the workforce development of the Aquatic and Recreation sector.  In particular, we are excited to be exploring the opportunity for the  ramp to gain credit towards a VU postgraduate qualification and receive  recognition as a VU Executive Certificate program.” 

Michael Clayton

Manager – Industry, Community and Sport Engagement

College of Sport and Exercise Science


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